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  • Liceo Artistico Statale II°, Milan; Art School Diplome (60/60), 1986

  • Politecnico di Milano, Facoltà di Architettura; Architetture Degree (100/100), 1993

  • French Institute of Architects, n° 18630, since 1994

  • Italian Institute of Architects (art. 9, D.Lgs. 27/1/92, n° 129) Registro di Prestazione di Servizi at the Milan Architects Council



Professional Practice (major works):


  • Marco Simone Golf Club and Residential Complex in Guidonia, Rome with Piero Pinto, 1993-1995

  • Private House Komili in Ayvalik (Turkey), with P. Pinto, 1994-1995

  • Jewish Temple in via Guastalla, Milan with G. Alhadeff and P. Pinto, 1995

  • Primary School in Binasco (Mi), with Stefano Giorgetti and Erol Arda, final cost 5.000.000,00 euro, 1996-2003

  • Royal Summer Palace, H.R.H. Princess Tarfa bint Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) with Studio65, 1999

  • Private House Abudawood in Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), with Studio65, 1999

  • Y.C.C. Cement Plant and Employees Housing, Yambu (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) with Studio65, 1999-2000

  • Private House Clafshtein in Bishop’s avenue in London, with G. Alhadeff and Candy & Candy, 2001-2004

  • Private House Kirimov in Moscow, 11.300 sqm, with G. Alhadeff, P. Pinto, A. Fiori, 2002

  • Private House Dincer- Sabanci on the Bosphorus, Yenikoy, Istambul, with P. Pinto, 2005

  • Private House Lo Bianco in Portofino, with G. Alhadeff, 2008

  • Intermargida Offices in Levent, Istanbul, 2010

  • Ellesse new image for China, with G. Alhadeff, shops in Beijing and Shangai, China, 2007

  • Henry Fischer Showroom in Shangahi and shop in Tayuan, China, 2007

  • Private House Amram in Rumeli Hissari, Istanbul, with P. Pinto, 2005-2011

  • Private House for Mrs. Guler Sabanci in Ayvalik (Turkey), with P. Pinto, 2008-2010

  • Meret Furs Store in Milan, 2011

  • Appartment 722 in Palazzo Mantegazza in Lugano (CH), with G. Alhadeff and Finchatton, 2010-2011

  • Private House in Burago Muscoline, Brescia 2103

  • “The Wall” Shopping Mall in Nanjing, 2014

  • Family Grave in the Jewish Cemetery of Milan, 2015-2017

  • Private House for Princess Noura Al Saud in Riyadh (K.S.A.) 15.000 sqm (20.000.000,00 euro), 2016-2017

  • Fineurop Investments Offices in Milan, 2018

  • Red Sea Resort in Jeddah (K.S.A.), 4.000 sqm, 2019

  • Family Grave in the Jewish Cemetery of Milan, 2020 (on going)

  • Translated Campus in Cala Piccola (Monte Argentario), 2019-2020 (on going)


Associated Architect on behalf of Piero Pinto Interior Design Firm from 1991 to 2011 for Private Houses, Fashion Boutiques, Shops and Showrooms in Italy and abroad:


Fashion Boutiques and Show-rooms:

KRIZIA - Milan, Rome, Venice, London, Zurich, Jakarta, Dubai, Taipei, Toronto; LAURA BIAGIOTTI - Milan, Rome, Guidonia, New York, Moscow, Berlin, Osaka, Yokohama, Tokyo, Seoul; GENNY - Milan, Rome, Florence, Paris, Cannes, Jakarta, Bahrain, Taipei, Moscow, Jeddah, Bangkok, Beijing, Dalian; MISSONI - Milan, Rome, New York; FRATELLI ROSSETTI - Showroom in Parabiago (Varese), Milan (c.so Matteotti), Rome, Bologna, Brescia, Turin, Verona, London, Paris, Chicago, Bangkok; GILLY - Galleria Manzoni, Milan; JOHNNY LAMBS - Seoul; OILILY - Seoul; Colombo Cashmere - Showroom in Rovagnano Sesia; KALLISTE’ - Milan; Diego Della Valle - Showroom in Milan; MILA SHON - Show Room in Milan; LANCETTI - Showroom in Milan; SHIZUE’ NOBUTA - Showroom in Milan; RUBELLI - Showroom in Milan, Venice and Florence; TORREGROSSA - Palermo; Arte della Seta Lisio - Florence; Galleria degli Argenti - Milan; Magriffe - Milan;


Restaurants and Bars:


  • Biffi Scala Restaurant in Milan, with P. Pinto, 1998

  • El Toulà Revolving Restaurant in Toronto, with P. Pinto, 2000

  • Ice Nice Bar in Milan, 2001

  • Cremona Restaurant at Solana Amusement Park, Beijing, 2008



Boats and Motor Yachts:


  • 50 meters Yacht ”Marcellita” for Ortona Navi Shipyard, with P. Pinto and Progetti Associati, 2006

  • 20 meters Yacht ”Zora III” for Gran Banks Shipyard in Singapore, 2007

  • 50 meters Yacht ”Tzarina” for Balik Shipyard in Urk (NL), with Giancarlo Alhadeff and Ken Freivokh, 2007-2008



Exhibit Design:


  • Exihibition “Corso Garibaldi” at the Church of Santa Maria degli Angioli, Milan, 1989

  • Exihibition “Giacomo Balla, la Collezione Biagiotti-Cigna”, Puskin Museum, with P. Pinto, Moscow, 1996

  • Exihibition “Giacomo Balla, Futurismo tra Arte e Moda”, Chiostro del Bramante, Rome, 1998

  • Sabanci Museum Renovation in Istanbul, with Piero Pinto, 2007


Trade Fair Exihibition Stands:


  • Santa Magherita for “Vinitaly”, with P. Pinto, Verona, 2002

  • Dominique Kieffér for “Abitare il Tempo”, Verona, 2003

Architectural Competitions:


  • Garibaldi-Repubblica Business District, Milan, with Studio Lisciandra and Leonardo Fiori, 1992

  • The National Museum of Korea, Seoul, 1995

  • Prado Museum Extension, Madrid, with Giancarlo Alhadeff, 1995

  • Governors Island New York, with M. Marinoni and M. Molinari, 1996

  • Primary School of Binasco (Mi), with Stefano Giorgetti and Erol Arda, 1996, I° Prize

  • Educational Complex of Samolaco (So), with Stefano Giorgetti, Mauro Galli, Alberto Zipoli and Erol Arda, 1999, II° Prize

  • Primary School Extension of Binago (Co), with A. Fiori, 1999

  • New Polytechnic University of Milan, with Intertecno S.p.a., Panos Koulermos, Leonardo and Angus Fiori, 1999, V° Prize

  • Piazza della Scala in Milan, International Competition, 2015

  • Main Square of Bordighera (SV) International Competition, 2015

  • Cultural Center of Alassio (IM) International Competition, 2015, III° Prize

  • School Complex in Monsumanno (PT) International Competition, 2016

  • Urban Center and Housing in Massino Visconti (NO) International Competition, 2016

  • School Complex in L’Aquila (AQ) International Competition, 2019



Publications on Books and Magazines:


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  • “International Architectural Competition for the National Museum of Korea”, page 357; Ministry of Culture, Seoul, 1996

  • “Giacomo Balla, la Collezione Biagiotti-Cigna”, Leonardo Arte, Milano, 1996

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Michelangelo Macchi Architect and Interior Designer

All rights reserved. P.IVA 10474400156

All rights reserved. P.IVA 10474400156